These funny Rabbit’s Cloth Sanitary Napkins(CSN) are composed of built-in absorbent cloth pads and waterproof sheets. Also they have wings on both sides.
All these materials are Japanese products.
I use the cotton flannel (also absorbent cloth pads), which uses no chemicals at all. There are additive-free and contain no bleach. They are very good quality and durable.
They are therefore harmless to both the body and the environment.
*Commonly used disposable sanitary pads are cited as one of the causes of Endometriosis and the Cervical cancer.

It’s an available in 3 sizes and you can choose a combination of pad sizes to suit your individual cycle flow.

Dioxin and Endometriosis

Even a small amount of dioxin has a high level of toxicity.
Recentry, the toxic effect on a human's reproductive organs has been brought to public attention.

Hormonal disruption in a woman's body could cause Endometriosis, miscarriage and still-birth.
With Endometriosis, you might suffer from severe menstrual pain, hypermenorrhea and sterility.

In the U.S. and Germany, research of the causal relationship between dioxins and Endmetriosis have been conducted.
In 1992, medical researchers in Germany announced that their patients, with Endometriosis, had high levels of polychlorobiphenyl, which is similar to dioxins, in their bodies.

※ Extracted from " Hirogare hirogare Eco-napkin ".

Feature of Cloth Sanitary Napkins

* Leakproof – waterproof sheet prevents leakage, moisture permeation, you don’t have to worry about any leakage or odour

*Protect from skin trouble – stay dry and comfortable,
                                  no skin irritation,itchiness,or allergic reactions

*Relieve menstrual pain(there are individual differences) – by using cotton flannel without any toxicity
                                  (better than chemically made napkins)

*Easy to use – place pad printed fabric side down on your underwear,
                       then wrap wings around panty gusset and fasten securely

I'm using plastic snap for wings.
You don't need to worry about Metallic Allergy.

*Easy to wash – just soak, wash, and dry (machine-washable)
       *I recommend soaking in water with sodium bicarbonate(Baking soda) for a day
           (you should lightly wash menstrual blood off before you soak)

*Note - Please wash before using for the first time as there are natural oils contained in the cotton,and be sure to dry well.

 (For regular or light day)

This cloth sanitary napkin is for regular or light flow.
Good for beginning and ending of period.
There is a two-cloth absorbent pad structure.

 (For heavy day)

This cloth sanitary napkin is for heavy flow.
There is a four-cloth absorbent pads structure.(No worry of leaking)
It also prevents light leakage of urine during pregnancy and after delivery.

(For night time)

This cloth sanitary napkin is perfect size for night use.
There is a five-cloth absorbent pad structure. Possible for long time use. Safe to be used while sleeping.
It also prevents light leakage of urine during pregnancy and after delivery.

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Note: 1 Inch = 2.54 cm, 1 Feet = 30.48 cm, 1 Feet = 12 Inch
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